Terms & Conditions

We, the “bdnews23”, a concern of the “Uranus Incorporation”, always take our best foot forward to respect the privacy of the personal information of our readers. To make it happens, we created a clear and comprehensive Privacy Policy which we follow thoroughly to ensure the privacy of our readers at any cost. The main idea of our Privacy Policy is not to use any information of our readers without their prior permission, though, we don’t actually collect information of our readers through our websites, www.bdnews23.com or maybe refers as “aggregator” or www.bdnews23r.com or maybe refers as our “Bangla version”. All these may also refer as “Our services” or “Our other services”. Our readers are not required to provide with their personal information such as names, birthdates or address to read our content or the content we provide in our aggregator through the third-party providers. However, if a third-party content provider requires subscription or registration, we are not responsible for that, and we shall not be questioned for their Privacy Policy. We would like to add a note that, we may change or update our Privacy Policy when we think we should do it, but we’ll surely keep our main idea of Privacy Policy intact.

Children Privacy and Family Safety

We, the bdnews23 or our aggregator or  Bangla version, do not collect any sort of personal information from the readers who are under 13-year of age. And at the same time, we do not create, publish or republish or endorse any content which is believed to be not safe for the families. But take note that, most of the contents in our aggregator are provided by the third-party creators or publisher. We are not responsible for any contents provided by the third parties. We would like to solemnly claim that we are not harmful to the children or family safety and we do not consciously publish any such material.

Aggregated Data and Third-Party Content Policy

In our aggregator, we provide with the data what we bring from the third parties. We shall never be responsible for the data what the third parties do provide. And at the same time, we shall not be responsible for subject, objective and other things that the data of third parties do contain. If you find anything inappropriate in any of the third parties’ data, we shall not be responsible or questionable for such.

Cookies Policy

We, the bdnews23 or our other service, would like to share with our readers that we may send cookies to your browser aiming to provide you with the better service. Cookies are small and text-only data. It is sent to readers’ or users’ device’s hard disk or browsers to keep records of the behaviour so that a provider or creator or publisher can provide with the personalized experience to its users. Cookies only remember important information that makes your use of the services more convenient. We are glad to inform you that, we do not collect any sort of personal information through Cookies.

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